Saturday, October 23, 2010

Is It Naptime Yet?!?!?!?!?!

It all started this morning with the refusal of clothing.  Apparently both my older boys want to run around the house naked today.  Then I knocked an entire stack of glasses off the shelf and they shattered all over the kitchen floor.  Then I dropped an egg on Josiah’s foot while making breakfast that we had to eat in two separate parts because I was interrupted by crying Caleb and had to feed him in between making my and my husband’s over easy eggs and the boys’ scrambled eggs.  And the day has continued in basically the same rhythm since then.  
It’s now 2:30 pm so I still have hope that after naptime it will calm down some.  But after all that and numerous occasions of pushing, biting, screaming, crying, throwing things at the baby, causing a paper jam in the printer, and asking for chocolate (which I did NOT give them!), I am SO ready for naptime.  Matthew was to apparently since he fell asleep on the living room floor while playing.  Josiah is at this moment lying down under his blanket and I’m hoping he falls asleep to.  
On days like these it’s obvious that children need time to rest.  Even if they fight it, when they wake up they are so much happier.  The majority of the time if you ask them if they need a nap they will say no.  The thing is, children don’t know what they need, they only know what they want.  We can be that way to.  If only we would rest when we need it.  If only we would eat what our bodies need.  If only we would stop trying to have what others have.  If only we would stop pushing, biting, fighting, screaming, and crying!  If my children were left to make their own decisions they may never take naps and may eat candy all day.  But since they have a parent here to guide them they do take naps and eat well.  Because I know what they need.  Without the guidance of our Heavenly Father we won’t know what we need either.  We will look only for what we want.  Let’s seek to live constantly in his presence and under his guidance so that we may grow strong and healthy spirits.
Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.
Matthew 6:8


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