Saturday, October 23, 2010


I had my second attempt at cutting Josiah’s hair today.  As some of you know after my first attempt he was pretty bald.  But I am convinced that I can do it and will no longer pay the $17 they charge at the children’s haircut place.  This time I had some help from my husband and it turned out a lot better.  It’s certainly not a fancy modern haircut, but I don’t think it’s to obvious that I did it myself.  It made me think about all the things we make our children do.  Things that they don’t want to but we know they are good for them.  Haircuts, eating veggies, naps, diaper changes.  
Sometimes I wonder if I obey God as well as my boys obey me.  I tell Josiah, “get down from there, you could fall!”  I tell Matthew, “Don’t eat that, it’s not food, you could get sick!”  Does God sometimes want to tell me the same things?  Am I listening?  Am I obeying? 
Jesus replied, “If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.  My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.”
John 14:23
It is the Lord your God you must follow, and him you must revere.  Keep his commands and obey him; serve him and hold fast to him.
Deuteronomy 13:4


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