Monday, October 24, 2011

multitudes on mondays


20.  happy noise
21.  arroz con leche filling the house with it’s aroma
22.  my boys saying please and thank you to each other
23.  beautiful and affordable ways to keep the pictures that capture memories (photo books)
24.  little boy language only Mama understands
25.  quiero poquito chocomil, con poquito asucar, con poquito leche en un vasito de de cars. (grande)
26.  leche, toy story vaso, puro asucar, and leche  (mediano)
27.  te ta ta ta ta (chico)
28.  books read slowly taking in every word
29.  warm sun streaming through windows on chilly autumn  mornings
30.  little eyes gazing up at abuelito taking in his every move
31.  the grace that cost so much and yet was so freely given
32.  loving hands of a creator cradling the broken heart of his creation
33.  a God given place in the battle for my children’s souls
34.  never having to go it alone
35.  victory over temptation to the point where it’s no longer tempting
36.  His hand of protection over me as I follow His path
37.  friends to lean on and to support
38.  painful thanksgiving that brings transformation
39.  a place to rest both spiritual and physical
40.  the tender hearts of my boys entrusted to my care
41.  the love of a husband that reflects the love of Christ
42.  new starts
43.  freedom to honestly and openly come into God’s presence without fear
44.  Jesus.  who He is.  what He’s done.  that He is all I will ever need.
45.  wisdom shared
46.  time to reflect to gain the Lord’s perspective
47.  the ability to hold my children when they wake at night
48.  the power that resides in the name of Jesus
49.  freedom to love God passionately without the fear or risk of rejection and the joy that comes from that
50.  my voice being used by Him
51.  quiet moments
52.  a voice small and still but powerful enough to be heard through the noise
53.  walking in a path set before me, not having to blaze my own trail
54.  the peace that comes through letting go
55.  words well woven creating a blanket of encouragement that warms to the soul
56.  knowing where the journey will end

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

1 Thessalonians 5:18


  1. So many wonderful gifts! The first one "Happy Noise" made me smile! I like that.
    God bless you.

  2. What a beautiful list that truly reflects our God!!

  3. Love this. I hope to get back to my list of 1000 Gifts soon. Of course, we can never stop counting, His blessings keep coming.

    Thank you for sharing today!

  4. Always something to be thankful for - - I am thankful for the Holy Spirit who comes along side and helps us pray - for sometimes we do not know exactly how to pray - but HE does!

  5. This is a powerful and wonderful list. I love it that you call out that you have a place to battle for your children. Neat.

    Happy TT.

    Have a blessed November and Holiday season. BIG hugs, Lynn

  6. You have such a Lovely list of thanks giving. We are to always give praise to the Lord.