Monday, July 11, 2011

Celebrating Caleb


My baby turns one this Friday.  And we are celebrating (of course).  He’s grown and learned so much over this past year!  The picture is from a couple months ago when he first learned how to stack blocks.  If you had seen me when he first did it you may have thought he had won a Nobel Prize for his tower design.  I was that excited.  
With every accomplishment comes pictures and praise.  When I see my friends I say, “guess what Caleb can do.”  And I share his latest victory.  Be it standing on his own, saying banana, crawling, or eating something new I share with excitement and joy.  I celebrate.
And I’ve been wondering if God brags on his children like we do.  Does he say, “Did you see that?  Christy held her tongue and resisted the temptation to get angry!”  “My daughter!  My little girl!  Look she’s serving others instead of demanding to be served!”
Does God delight in our growth and obedience?  Does he celebrate his children’s birthdays?  What would a party in heaven even look like?  Can you imagine?
But it’s right there in scripture.  God’s angels threw a party in heaven for me!  I was lost, but when I turned to Him there was a celebration!
Count on it-that's the kind of party God's angels throw every time one lost soul turns to God.
Luke 15:10


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