Saturday, April 30, 2011

Be A Hero To Children With Cancer

Check the notes in each Prize Category to see who won! 

 Congrats to Heroes For Children and Congrats to all our Winners!

Our DFW Metroplex Cadillac Dealers are running a “Cadillac Cares Challenge.”  Mamas WriteDevotion Mama, and Mama Hall have the unique privilege of supporting Heroes For Children in this challenge.  

The Cadillac Cares Challenge
Head over to Metroplex Cadillac Dealers Facebook page to vote for Heroes For Children daily!  The charity with the most votes when the contest ends on May 9th will win $50,000 worth of advertising.  

Why Vote for Heroes For Children?
Heroes for Children does so much for families of children with cancer.  There mission statement is:

A few weeks ago I highlighted their Laptops For Love program.  Today I'd like to tell you about their main focus to help families.

"Heroes for Children provides direct financial assistance to families with children battling cancer.  The average gift is $750 to assist towards such necessary expenses as mortgage/rent, utilities, car payments, or even funerals for children who have lost their battle to cancer.  This is the largest program and main focus of Heroes for Children.  More than $45,000 is spent each month on direct financial assistance."
Wow!  That's a huge help for families!

How Can You Help Heroes For Children

Support DFW Charity and Win Some Great Prizes!!!

I really want to encourage you to get involved and vote for YOUR favorite charity in the Cadillac Cares Challenge.  So LATE last night I sent out tweets and messages and Facebook posts.  And incredibly there were some awesome sponsors still awake and willing to donate prizes!  The giveaway will end on May 9 at 11:59 pm at the same time the Challenge ends.  We may add new prizes and opportunities for entries as they come in so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates!  To enter fill out the form below.  You can come back daily to tell us which charity you voted for to earn extra entries!  This giveaway is open to residents of the US only.

Please check out the following sponsors websites for more info and to buy their products!

The prize packages are:

Prize Package #1
   Bella Bug Boutique  

Congrats Leah Walker!   Entry #179
  • White Bib with a Guitar Tie applique ($7 value) Find it here
  • Matching Baby Wipe Box ($15 value)
  • Matching Burp Cloth ($7 value)

Prize Package #2

Congrats Christina Dario!   Entry #148
  • Good Morning God hardcover book and coloring book This product is perfect for preschool through 2nd grade. ($18 value)  See the book here and the coloring book here

Prize Package #3

Congrats Heather Schonrock Lyons!   Entry #49
  • How To Have A H.E.A.R.T. For Your Kids by Rachael Carman ($13 value)  Find it here

Prize Package #4

Congrats Gale Langley!   Entry #73
  • Read For The Heart by Sarah Clarkson ($17 value)  Find it here

Prize Package #5

Congrats Rachel DeMille!   Entry #161
  • Who Is God and the Who Is God coloring book.  This is the first book in the new Biblical worldview series - What We Believe ($47 value)  Find the book here and the coloring book here

Prize Package #6
   Happy Baby

Congrats Alicia Crenshaw!   Entry #108
  • 3 boxes of HappyBaby baby food and the HappyBaby Prenatal Yoga DVD ($57 value) Find the food here and the DVD here

Prize Package #7
   Devotion Mama

Congrats Jessica Hennings!   Entry #200
  • Signed copy of The Pioneer Woman Black Heals to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond 

Prize Package #8
   Mabel's Labels

Congrats Cindy Lushaj!   Entry #4
  • Limited Edition Camp Combo ($39.95 value)  Find it here

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Disclosure: This is a paid post.  All this fun is due to the generosity of the DFW Area Cadillac Dealers.  Thanks Cadillac!  The giveaways offered were donated by the generous sponsors!


  1. Wow, Christy! What an Epic Collaboration!!! Kudos, Sister! Amazing Work!

  2. I did not realize I could come back after I voted everyday

  3. Hello! Thanks for doing this. I'm advertising it here ( ) and will be sharing it on one of my other blogs ( soon! Please let me know if you ever have another giveaway like this. I post giveaways for good causes on Such Fun to Give (and low comment giveaways, if you ever have one that's lagging on entries). And if it has to do with Texas or California I'll post it on Texifornia too. I would also be happy to contribute something to a giveaway like this that benifits a good cause (see my third blog, ) in the future. So, you can add ecarian at yahoo dot com to your last minute sponsor list if you like. :-)

  4. PS...I used to live in Arlington. Worked at UTA (just doing clerical work, nothing academic).